Want A Cup Of BTS’s Jimin? This Café Prints His Face On Hot Drinks For His Birthday Event

ARMYs everywhere are falling in love with this café’s unique drinks for BTS Jimin‘s birthday!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Located at FullMoon Café in Amman, Jordan, this 2021 birthday event by Twitter fanbase @Jordanarmy_bts1 ran from October 1st to 2nd. Like a typical cupsleeve event, fans received stickers, photocards, and a custom cupsleeve after buying a drink.

| @Jordanarmy_bts1/Twitter

However, the most exciting parts are the wildly accurate portraits of Jimin printed on the hot drink of fans’ choice!

| @1013JIMIM/Twitter

| @Jordanarmy_bts1/Twitter

Done by a machine, the stunning portraits make for the cutest drinks.

| @1013JIMIM/Twitter

They’re so special, it might be difficult to find the nerve to drink them!

| @Jordanarmy_bts1/Twitter

| @Jordanarmy_bts1/Twitter

Though this cool trend isn’t frequently seen overseas, you can also find some Korean cafés that offer the same service for special events like Jimin’s birthday.

Previous Korean café event for Jimin’s birthday.

So, who wants a cup of Jimin? 🙋


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