The TSA Has Advice For K-Pop Fans Traveling To See BTS In Concert

If you were lucky and managed to score tickets to BTS‘s upcoming Permission To Dance On Stage concert at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, then the next step is preparing for a trip if you’re out of town.

From left: V, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and RM of BTS. | HYBE

It’s not always as simple as buying a plane ticket and going either. You have to pack the essentials, everything you’ll need for the concert, including maybe a clear bag, portable charger, but most importantly an ARMY Bomb.


You also want to make sure that no matter what happens, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) doesn’t pull you to the side…

Traveler (left) and TSA agent (right) at BWI Airport in a 2017 file photo. | Amy Davis via Baltimore Sun

Luckily, they’re more on our side than you’d think! The TSA shared a screenshot of an ARMY’s tweet, advising others to make sure they call ARMY Bombs “lightstick” instead, along with their confirmation reply. They even put it on top of a BTS concert background, filled with ARMY Bombs!

| @tsa/Instagram

Best yet, it might actually be their caption filled with references that only true BTS fans could understand. While educating travelers on their way to see BTS, they managed to make it both fun and relatable!

Soon-to-be travelers and those few non-fans of BTS got extra help in the comment section, explaining more in-depth what exactly the TSA was referring to. They added why we need to be careful what we refer to BTS’s lightstick when in public.

| @tsa/Instagram

The comment section ended up just being an extension of the TSA’s flexing of brilliant BTS puns. They weren’t stopping either until they referenced at least every BTS song ever.

| @tsa/Instagram

| @tsa/Instagram

| @tsa/Instagram

| @tsa/Instagram


Hey, they don’t have “Travel Trips & Dad Joke Hits” as their Instagram name for nothing. They are the “Princess of Puns,” after all.

| @tsa/Instagram

After their last post, though, they might need to change their name again… “BTSA” sounds good, doesn’t it?

| @tsa/Instagram

After all, that’s been said or done, there were still some questions that needed to be answered. Now that we know what we should call our ARMY Bombs when traveling, what should we call “bath bombs?” Thankfully, TSA didn’t leave the question unanswered for long!

| @tsa/Instagram

The TSA wasn’t always this cool either. In the past, their Instagram looked exactly how you’d imagine it to look, just giving the straight facts.

We love to see how one changes for the better after stanning BTS!

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