The Time BTS’s V Became SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Hairstylist

While SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and BTS‘s Jungkook are well-known as close friends, they aren’t the only pair of friends between the two groups. V showed he was just as friendly with Jeonghan by taking on a fun role.

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At the Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC), there was time for BTS to catch up with some of their friends. When V greeted Jeonghan, he didn’t waste any time reaching for his long hair.

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V and Jeonghan.

While the two chatted with their members around them, V became Jeonghan’s unofficial hairstylist. He brushed Jeonghan’s hair back and pulled it into a ponytail.

seventeen jeonghan long hair isac bts v taehyung 1

Though fans were loving how comfortable the two idols were with each other, they loved how happy V was when doing it. Just look at his excited smile.

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V wasn’t the only member having fun. Jungkook looked just as happy when chatting with Jeonghan and V as well.

seventeen jeonghan bts jungkook isac

Seeing how much fun they have together, SEVENTEEN and BTS’s friendship is something everyone needs more of.

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