The New HYBE Merch BTS Products Have Every ARMY Reaching For Their Wallets

HYBE merch has revealed some newly launched licensed products featuring the BTS members and ARMYs can’t get enough of the gorgeous “Butter” themed merch items!

Fans can select a variety of stunning cubic paintings of each BTS member during iconic era.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

These are now available in Japan, Korea, and the US.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Check out how I Love Painting creates the portraits below.

Like most BTS merch, they also come with exclusive photo cards!

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Next, Casetify’s Butter Tech Accessories will be available worldwide.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Phone cases, air pod cases, and more are available in a variety of “Butter” designs.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Check out all of the products that Casetify will be offering here.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

However, “Butter”  isn’t the only era receiving love! HYBE is introducing a BTS jigsaw puzzle featuring photos from BE.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

From a group photo to each member’s individual concept photos, they make the perfect gift.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Check out more about each individual product below.

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