Meet The K-Pop Group That The Media Keeps Mistaking For BTS

In 2021, BTS is the most recognizable K-Pop group on earth. Their faces appear on television shows and advertisements around the world, yet the media just can’t seem to stop confusing these veterans with a rookie boy group.


Meet BLITZERS, a new WUZO Entertainment group formerly known as WUZO CIRCLE. They debuted this year, on May 12th, with their debut album, CHECK-IN.

BLITZERS | WUZO Entertainment

Like BTS, this group consists of seven members (Go_UJuhanJinhwaSyaChrisLutan, and Wooju), but that’s where the similarities end. BLITZERS has their own style and sound that’s as unique and powerful as their members.

Go_U is an athletic ’01 liner, who serves talent (and visuals) as the group’s dancer, vocalist, and sub-rapper. He is skilled at sports, including basketball, baseball, and soccer, but also video games.

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Juhan, BLITZERS’ vocalist, was also born in 2001. He was inspired to become an idol after seeing BTS perform, and he worked hard to get his foot in the door. Juhan auditioned not once, not twice, but around 20 times before he was signed. He kept practicing, and it paid off.

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Jinhwa is the leader of BLITZERS, as well as a rapper and dancer, born in 2002. If he looks familiar, it could be because he was a contestant on Produce X 101. His goal is to become a well-rounded idol who excels at singing, dancing, rapping, and other things, such as the arts.

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Who is Sya? A rapper-vocalist born in 2002. Seeing iKON perform on stage made him want to do the same. He took up dancing in high school, joining a dance club at his school, and fell in love with it.

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Chris is a rapper, born in 2002. When he was young, his family moved to Las Vegas. Here, he became fluent in English. Today, he’s BLITZERS’ mood-maker, and he loves to spread positivity.

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Lutan is a dancer, born in 2003. He is skilled at visual arts, especially digital drawing. Like Chris, he wants to bring joy to fans and his members. He has named Stray Kids’ Hyunjin as his role model.

| WUZO Entertainment

Wooju is the vocalist-maknae of BLITZERS, born in 2004. In addition to performing on stage, he has an interest in acting. He can see himself acting in a K-Drama like Reply 1998 someday.

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Now, let’s talk about the music. BLITZERS’ debut single, “Breathe Again,” is a genre-blending bop that brings an alternative rock flare with its go-hard-or-go-home guitar riffs. Passionate vocals? Spitfire raps? BLITZERS is living up to the “blitz” in their name, launching a musical attack on the K-Pop scene.

Unfortunately, some of the media attention these talented rookies have received had been unintentional. Recently, The Kelly Clarkson Show came under fire for using BLITZERS’ picture as BTS’s.

This isn’t, however, the first time this mixup has happened. BTS and BLITZERS have been swapped at least two other times by media outlets.

| @DarkFiction/Twitter

| @DarkFiction/Twitter

As some fans have pointed out, this could be because of an article released by The National. It was titled “The next BTS?” and featured the same photo used on The Kelly Clarkson Show.


No matter the reason, one thing is clear; BTS and BLITZERS have both worked tirelessly to become idols, and they deserve to be recognized for their own talents and achievements.

Check out more of BLITZERS’ music here:

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