How Good Is BTS? KARA Defied A Director Just To Listen To Them Sing

ARMY can’t get enough of BTS‘s music, but they aren’t the only ones in love! BTS’s industry seniors like KARA know true talent when they hear it.

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KARA was a second generation girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. During their nine-year career as a group, they released many hit songs, including, “Step,” “Pandora,” and “Lupin.” By the time BTS debuted in 2013, KARA were seasoned stars, having been on the K-Pop scene for six years.

KARA performing “Step” | DSP Kara/YouTube

Prior to KARA’s disbandment in 2016, the group appeared with BTS on music shows. In a new interview with YouTuber-singer Risabae and hip-hop legend Tiger JK, former KARA member Youngji talked about how much her group loved BTS’s voices.

“I have a behind story,” Youngji said, recalling a memory from one of these music shows. “We were after BTS. Singers have the in-ear monitors on before we go on stage. We had the in-ears in our ears, and their live singing was insane.” 


The director told KARA to take out their in-ears, but KARA refused. They wanted to hear every note!

Director: KARA, take out your in-ears.

KARA: Sorry, but can we keep them on?

— Youngji

“The music director waited for us,” Youngji said. “Their live singing was insane.” 

BTS’s V performing live at a concert.

For more from this interview, find out what Tiger JK had to say about RM here or watch the video below:

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