Here’s 10 Moments From BTS’s Tokopedia Interview That Everyone Should Get To See

BTS has collaborated with Indonesian technology company Tokopedia. Recently, they hosted an event together which featured the members playing games and doing an interview.

Here are 10 moments you need to see…

1. Jimin was wildin’


— hourly yoonmin (@hourlyym) August 24, 2021

2. The Golden Maknae strikes again

🐰: Perfect!
👤: Jungkook-ssi, congratulations! Your feeling?
🐰: I’m good at playing darts. But I didn’t know I would be good throwing backwards. That’s about it!

— 𝒥𝓊𝓃𝑔𝓀𝑜𝑜𝓀 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒🤍 (@looksontempests) August 24, 2021

3. Tornado Jin

bts is so done w seokjin’s cheating tactic but got so impressed the second he threw the dart 😭

🎐 (@luvjinie) August 24, 2021

4. RM joining J-Hope as best reactor and sound effect maker

joon’s reactions are sending me out 💀

— RMPICS⁷ (@RMPICS_twt) August 24, 2021

joon’s sound effects *on point* 😂👏

— RMPICS⁷ (@RMPICS_twt) August 24, 2021

5. Jungkook’s song recommendation for new ARMYs

Tokopedia x BTS
(Part 2)

👩: This time, a song you’d like to recommend to someone who wants to know more about BTS, Jungkook?
🐰: Dope!
👩: Not Boy In Luv, but Dope?
🐰: Yes, bc at the start of Dope, there’s a line, “Welcome, first time to BTS?”

— christa⁷ 🤟 (@ryuminating) August 24, 2021

6. Jin compared Tokopedia to “IDOL”

Q. BTS song that best represents Tokopedia?
🐹: Among BTS songs, it has to be this song we have called ‘IDOL’! Tokopedia is also an ‘idol’ in this (e-commerce) industry, right?
🙍🏻‍♀️: Right!
🐹: That’s why I think ‘IDOL’ would suit the best~@BTS_twt

— alex⁷ (slow) (@iIlejeons) August 24, 2021

7. Lil Meow Meow

that’s your big bad rapper???

— Mel⁷ (@withlovebts7) August 24, 2021

8. Jungkook explaining why birthdays are special to him

Tokopedia x BTS : Interview Part 1#Jungkook 정국 컷

Q. every day is a special day but is there anything that make birthday especially special for you?
🐰 well… birthday itself is a special day so just spending time together with family and precious people, isn’t that special?

— 노랑 (@yellowchilwol) August 24, 2021

9. When Jungkook revealed he should be BTS’s leader

[VIDEO] 210824 | @BTS_twt

Tokopedia x BTS : Interview Part 2 #TokopediaPlay!

— • trans • —
🐿 : Do you like BTS member?
🐥 : Those of you who crossed your arms, wdym?
🐱 : I obviously don’t like, but I love the member
🐰 : I can be a better leader than RM

— ARMY (@ARMY_forevere_) August 24, 2021

10. What song of theirs that they associate with ARMY

👤 which song do you think about when you hear “army”
🐿 a song written by jungkook,i’ll choose magic shop !this song makes me think of army

[Tokopedia WIB TV Show] j-hope cut 1/2
#jhope #hoseok #hobi #제이홉 #정호석 #호비

— j-hope pics & clips (@JHSjpg_) August 17, 2021

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