RM, The “God Of Destruction,” Gets Roasted By BTS’s Own Staff

BTS‘s RM just can’t live down his “God of Destruction” reputation! RM | Run BTS!/V LIVE In Episode 148 of Run BTS!, BTS experienced the struggle that is building IKEA furniture. RM and Suga both proved that they have what it takes to be architects, at least, on paper. They answered every interior design question the staff threw their way! Suga and RM … Read more

7 Of ARMY’s Dream BTS Collabs We Need To Happen ASAP

Over the years, BTS has released tons of great collabs with other artists, and ARMY wants more! BTS | @BTSChartDailyx/Twitter Recently, ARMYs on Reddit shared which artists they’d like to see BTS collaborate with, either as a unit, individual members, or as the full group. Here are 7 of Reddit ARMYs dream BTS collabs! 1. … Read more

BTS’s TinyTAN Are All Grown Up In New Ad

BTS‘s cutie cartoon counterparts TinyTAN are back with some new toys, but they look unlike we have ever seen them before. Japanese toy company Banpresto‘s Q posket has released new TinyTAN figurines, but they look different than what we’re used to the boys looking like. \「TinyTAN」のQ posketがいよいよ今週登場/ 世界中のファンを虜にしている「TinyTAN」のフィギュア『TinyTAN Q posket』が、いよいよ今週8月26日(木)から全国のゲームセンターに順次登場します ぜひ7人全員揃えて彼らの世界に浸ってくださいね@TinyTANofficial #TinyTAN #BANPRESTO pic.twitter.com/ClmO33tT1o — バンプレストブランド(BANDAI … Read more

The BTS Members Didn’t Want To Team Up With Jin In The Latest “Run BTS!” But He Had The Best Response

After their trip to the past during the recent episodes of Run BTS!, BTS finally made their way back to the present. During the latest episode, the members were given the task of splitting into teams and had to try their hand at some interior decorating, which included painting and assembling furniture. Your browser does not support … Read more

BTS Are Harbingers Of Hope In 15+ New “LOVE MYSELF” Photos

BTS has created new “give-ticons” in partnership with Kakao & LINE. Through these emoticon inspired donation stickers, BTS hopes to deliver an important message through their #ENDviolence LOVE MYSELF campaign with Unicef;  “Loving yourself is the beginning of true love.”  Here are 15+ new behind-the-scenes photos from the give-ticon photoshoot! 1. BTS Love comes in many forms. In this case, … Read more