BTS’s TinyTAN Are All Grown Up In New Ad

BTS‘s cutie cartoon counterparts TinyTAN are back with some new toys, but they look unlike we have ever seen them before.

Japanese toy company Banpresto‘s Q posket has released new TinyTAN figurines, but they look different than what we’re used to the boys looking like.

\「TinyTAN」のQ posketがいよいよ今週登場🎉

世界中のファンを虜にしている「TinyTAN」のフィギュア『TinyTAN Q posket』が、いよいよ今週8月26日(木)から全国のゲームセンターに順次登場します‼

ぜひ7人全員揃えて彼らの世界に浸ってくださいね✨@TinyTANofficial #TinyTAN #BANPRESTO

— バンプレストブランド(BANDAI SPIRITS) (@BANPRE_PZ) August 23, 2021

In most ads, even recent ones, TinyTAN appear, well, tiny like little kids. They resemble the Japanese “chibi” style as they are small and chubby with big heads.

TinyTAN | @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

However, in this newly released ad, they look tall and slender, indicating maybe they have grown up. Yet, they’re still in the original TinyTAN outfits inspired by BTS’s “Mic Drop” era.


Many ARMYs are surprised by the sudden drastic change in appearance for the characters.

Kindergarten -> High school

— polarlight_bear⁷ (@PPolarlight) August 23, 2021

It’s like our own children have grown overnight and are now grown-ups! What happened? They were literally just kids yesterday.

“why are you crying” bro did you watch tinytan grow in front of your eyes?

— kashi⁷🦨 (@kookiecomforts) August 23, 2021

they grow up so fast */tears in my eyes

— Ysabelle⁷👽 check pinned📌 (@wintaebeargukk) August 24, 2021

They grew taller

— A⁰⁷ 🤺On Crack🤺 📌 (@bangtan_sugary) August 23, 2021

While TinyTAN has been aged up, BTS-created characters BT21 de-aged. They went from adults to babies last year.

Currently, LINE FRIENDS continues to release products featuring the baby versions of the BT21 characters. Yet, their social media accounts, including their YouTube series, have now returned them to their original state.

What do you think about TinyTAN’s new look?

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