BTS’s Jungkook Almost Forgets “Paradise”…Then Makes Fans’ Wishes Come True

BTS has well over a hundred songs, and some of those underrated gems have never been performed live. “Paradise” is one of them.

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“Paradise” was released on May 18, 2018, as the fifth track on LOVE YOURSELF: Tear. Although the title track, “FAKE LOVE,” is arguably the most popular song on the album, “Paradise” has gained a loyal fan following. Unlike the majority of LOVE YOURSELF: Tear tracks, “Paradise” has never been performed on stage, missing out on both LOVE YOURSELF world tours.

In a live broadcast, RM once described “Paradise” as the antithesis to the idea that everyone needs to pursue a dream to live happily. It’s a message that many have taken to heart.

And ‘Paradise,’ it’s about how you don’t need to have a dream. It’s not that you shouldn’t have a dream, but it’s [. . .] We think we must have one. If you don’t have a dream, you’re not living a life. I think that’s not cool.

— RM 

For years, ARMY has begged BTS to perform “Paradise,” to the point where it’s become a running joke. Recently, a fan even tried to use “Paradise” to convince BTS to change their Twitter layout from yellow to pink, in celebration of their “Butter” remix with Megan Thee Stallion.


Today, Jungkook turned his birthday live broadcast into a solo concert, singing a song he co-wrote with ARMY, plus BTS hits. When a fan mentioned “Paradise” in the comments, Jungkook was a little confused. BTS has a song called “Paradise”? Has he really forgotten it?


— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

Nope! Jungkook just knows it better by its Korean name, Nakwon.

🐰 Is that Paradise? We have a song called Paradise? Huh? Uh? Ohhhh, I was surprised. Do you mean 낙원 (Nakwon, Korean name for Paradise)? 🎶PARADISE🎶

— christa⁷ 💜💗 (@ryuminating) August 31, 2021

Not only did Jungkook acknowledge “Paradise’s” existence, he finally sang it live! Rejoice, ARMY! This day will go down in history.

never thought this day would come. Jungkook, singing Paradise by BTS live.

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

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