BTS’s “Angel Of Love” Jimin Is Here To Make Your Day 200% Better

BTS love their fans sincerely and deeply, and they never miss the chance to show it!


As usual, it’s been a busy week for ARMY. Between Billboard‘s cover story and photoshoot, news of a Megan Thee Stallion “Butter” remix, a new Run BTS! episode, and “Butter’s” record-breaking chart achievements, fans’ schedules are booked up. That said, there’s still time for a visit!


Today, Jimin stopped by the Weverse app to comment on posts and show love for fans. He shared a moment just to tell ARMY he’s thinking about them — a lot!

| Weverse

I miss you every single day.

— Jimin

A fan went to the effort of writing BTS a long letter about how much they love and appreciate the group, expressing how thankful they are. Jimin’s reply was short and sweet, but there’s no doubt about it; ARMYs can feel the affection behind those words!

| Weverse

I love you.

— Jimin

Read all about this “angel of love’s” precious backstory here. (Spoiler: It’s straight out of a K-Drama.)

BTS’s “Angel” Jimin Gives Himself A Fairy Tale Backstory

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