BTS Announces New FILA Dynamite Collection With The Cutest Teaser Video

FILA Korea has recently announced their FILA X BTS Dynamite Collection with a teaser that’s definitely Bangtan style!

The collection recalls the funky, retro designs from BTS’s “Dynamite” era and incorporates them into FILA’s signature athleisure clothing.

The members are wearing a variety of designs from the collection.

FILA X BTS 'Dynamite' Collection Teaser 0-2 screenshot

From bright colors, retro imagery, and song lyrics…

FILA X BTS 'Dynamite' Collection Teaser 0-3 screenshot

…to FILA’s classic minimalist look, there’s something for everyone’s personal sense of style!

FILA X BTS 'Dynamite' Collection Teaser 0-4 screenshot

If BTS is wearing it, then ARMY can’t resist getting a little something for themselves.

The collection drops on September 16, 2021. Check out the full teaser below!

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