BTS And 20 Other People Who Struggled To Build IKEA Furniture

In Episode 148 of Run BTS!BTS became interior designers and tackled two different “design a room” projects. The members had to do everything from painting the walls to building IKEA furniture. This was easier said than done! Here are 20 other people who can relate to the members’ struggles!


1. Spiraling into insanity

This episode gave me flashbacks to me trying to assemble 4 sets of IKEA wardrobes for my house… I was ready to spiral into insanity 😩😂

— Jaz⁷∞🧈🪐 (@JIC_134340) August 24, 2021

2. This insult to injury

Fighting for my life just to build this ikea table I can’t even fucking pronounce.

— Connor (@CDawgVA) August 18, 2021

3. We need instructions for the instructions

istg, assembling ikea furniture is so confusing like. “what is this part for?? why does it looks like this?? is this right??” 😭

— fary⁷ (@FARYTAEIL) August 24, 2021

4. The bike that wasn’t worth owning

God, building Ikea’s bike was the worst hour of my life

— Co.Design (@FastCoDesign) March 19, 2017

5. Domestic dispute

i see my neighbors are putting ikea furniture together

— large iced coffee (@wowgirlalaska) August 23, 2021

6. Facts only

Was this run bts a punishment episode because there’s not a single person on this planet that enjoys assembling ikea furniture

— Robyn⁷🥂 (@bangtanwineclub) August 24, 2021

7. Jungkook can relate

#AdmittingYoureWrongIs kinda easy when your chair ends up looking like this. I blame the IKEA instructions though, impossible to follow.

— Rich Piechowski (@Piech42) December 3, 2017

His chair was just as confusing!

jungkook’s confused noises while assembling the chair 😭

🐰 hm? hm? eh? eh!?

— jk updates ★ (@jjklve_) August 24, 2021

8. This disaster

I hate ikea #disaster #allmyshoesfellout 😩😭

— Cara (@Caz_Richardson) January 5, 2014

9. Requirements for the job

You be needing a whole engineering degree to put together ikea furniture

— Brianna (@Brii_Monroe) August 22, 2021

10. You’re a winner!

I (successfully) put together an extendable dining table from Ikea today and I feel like I deserve some sort of patience award

— Caroline Elenowitz-Hess (@ElenowitzHess) August 22, 2021

11. The extra step nobody told you about

i accidentaly put together my ikea bookshelf the wrong way so i had to spray paint the whole thing white 😭😭

— neo ✧˖*°࿐ (@c3ms32) August 23, 2021

12. Amazon vs IKEA

Would like to nominate Amazon outdoor furniture to challenge ikea furniture as the most frustrating put together furniture #LTD

— Mind Your Business Lady (@Este84n) July 14, 2019

13. Swedish swears

Just built an IKEA bed. Only got one step wrong. Still, they should include a list of Swedish swear words once you use up all your own language’s words.

— Perry Falconer (@Prfalcon) January 21, 2020

14. The picture that speaks louder than words

I built it wrong… #IKEA #notanengineer

— Keaton Herzer (@KeatonHerzer) January 24, 2015

15. That was uncalled for!

I mean I know I’m not great at building Ikea furniture, but there’s no need to call me that…

— James Hall (@justjameshall) May 29, 2017

16. What happened?

So I just built my first Ikea table. Even though I was looking at the instructions, something must’ve went horribly wrong somewhere along the way.

— Boyan Marinov (@Avid_Driver) September 3, 2019

17. Subscribe?

An onlyfans but it’s just me building Ikea furniture while my dog interrupts me

— Hector Portillo (@hektor_p) June 30, 2020

18. Same

jimin in today’s run episode is me when i have to put together furniture from ikea

⚔saii⁷ 🌙 (@actualsaii) August 24, 2021

19. Not even five minutes?

#Ikea furniture building is giving me absolutely ZERO downtime to wallow in self-pity… #ConsumingMyLife

— Mike Adam (@MikeAdamOnAir) September 15, 2014

20. The best way to get the job done

Ahh what a day of building IKEA furniture. Not me. I did none of it. Purely supervisory. 😌

— Ellie Crabbe 🧩 🐘 (@crabbe_ellie) May 26, 2021

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