30+ Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Legendary Birthday Live Broadcast That You Need To See

BTS‘s Jungkook held a live broadcast, beginning it just a little while before his birthday officially began. He appropriately titled the live stream “Happy Birthday To Me.” Jungkook included ARMYs in his singing session as he took their song requests and even composed a new song with their help songwriting. He ultimately went into his birthday morning as he did a nearly 3-hour long live broadcast.

So, here’s 30+ moments in no particular order but that you absolutely need to see…

1. The return of “Party party yeah!”

🐰: Party Party Yeah ~



— BTS_UPDATES⁷ 🧈👅💗 (@BTSupdate_7) August 31, 2021

2. Being an English king

Jungkook reading comments from the Weverse post !!!

His English I’m about to pass out!!!!#jungkook #jk #HappyBirthdayJungkook pic.twitter.com/5nU5UH8dh5

— BTS_UPDATES⁷ 🐰🎂 (@BTSupdate_7) August 31, 2021

3. Writing a song from ARMY comments

We get Jungkook live arranging a song composed of off ARMY’s lyrics comments left on Weverse until as we countdown to his birthday !

Jungkook is unbelievably talented ! #HAPPYJKDAY #JungkookBirthday @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/AnvApH1uNQ

— BTSARMY Kitchen & Bar⁷ (@BTSARMYKitchen) August 31, 2021

4. Adding harmonies to the song

Adding the harmonies 🎶 pic.twitter.com/FNj8SsKAX2

— andrea ♡s bts⁷ (new acc) (@ZER0XBLACK) August 31, 2021

5. His smile alone is instant serotonin

His smile is life itself 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/32zbunBJB8

— JUNGKOOK DAILY UPDATE 𝄞ʲᵏ🦋 (@Daily_JKUpdate) August 31, 2021

Please, we’re emo right now.

one time for two times for
the present the past pic.twitter.com/C0tITXCQZZ

— rose⁷ (@kookieslilsmile) August 31, 2021

6. When he imitated Jin’s iconic “STOP IT”



— JUNGKOOK DAILY UPDATE 𝄞ʲᵏ🦋 (@Daily_JKUpdate) August 31, 2021

For reference…

7. When he spoke Spanish

Jungkook saying “te quiero” (I love you) in Spanish 😭 I’M CRYING


💜 (@taekookdiary) August 31, 2021

8. When J-Hope ran in at exactly midnight to wish Jungkook “Happy birthday!”

hobi singing happy birthday for jungkook T-T💔 pic.twitter.com/Hv5czp2lYc

— ★ (@KoobiPicBot) August 31, 2021

9. When they might have spoiled something

Hoseok started dancing and Jungkook said that it was a spoiler omg??/??:?: pic.twitter.com/V3gkmEBYVP

— j-hope daily 🍭💗 (@thehobiprint) August 31, 2021

10. Cake mukbang

jungkook looking so angry while eating his birthday cake, it must taste good 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/4R5p9Nr3FA

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

11. When J-Hope came back with another cake

jungkook’s reaction when he saw the hobi’s cake pic.twitter.com/eTYOFBnhzw

— gay bts⁷ (@pinkpinkyoongi) August 31, 2021

12. When he not only acknowledged “Paradise” but gave us a live performance we have all been waiting for


— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

never thought this day would come. Jungkook, singing Paradise by BTS live. pic.twitter.com/L6Frfr6uOZ

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

13. When he started to sing aespa’s “Next Level”

#jungkook: im on the next level!pic.twitter.com/MpAkrcIlNO

— ⋆ (@aespts) August 31, 2021

14. When he hit those high notes in “Dimple”

jungkook singing the high note in dimple oh my god listen to him!!! he’s insane pic.twitter.com/w3gSM1htsh

— jk updates ★ (@jjklve_) August 31, 2021

15. When he vibed with some R&B

🐰 it’s a track made by RM hyung
🐰 it’s called HipHop R&B 😁


— RMPICS⁷ 🐰🎂 (@RMPICS_twt) August 31, 2021

16. He did a lot of ASMR

탄산수 ASMR

ㄱㅇㅇ….. pic.twitter.com/GgH7qIwa2m

— 지민투데이☺🧈💛 (@jimintoday__) August 31, 2021

Pls Jungkook doing asmr with his teeth and mouth 💀. pic.twitter.com/8swOqj3kzu

— 𝐊𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐥⁷ 🐰🐱| KOOK DAY 💜 (@bts___fav_) August 31, 2021

17. “Born Singer” Jungkook

jungkook singing born singer 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/aOB2Ol6lzU

— jk updates ★ (@jjklve_) August 31, 2021

18. We’re still with you 💜

still with jk pic.twitter.com/9LZ888ClC2

— ⁷ jungkook day (@baIenciagajk) August 31, 2021

Jungkook’s cake says “STILL WITH YOU JK”

😭😭😭♥♥#jungkook #정국 #OurGiftJungkook #HappyJKDay #HappyBirthdayJungkook #bts pic.twitter.com/gU1SEYY6nT

— BTS_UPDATES⁷ 🧈👅💗 (@BTSupdate_7) August 31, 2021

19. Jungkook really sang all of our favorite songs, including “Pied Piper”

210901 🐰🎂

now playing : PIED PIPER pic.twitter.com/3K6N2oqMeF

— 별 🐰🎂 (@ttokitae) August 31, 2021

20. When he did the choreography for “Let Go”

jungkook doing the Let Go thigh grab choreography 😦😦😦😦 pic.twitter.com/LQ3moGLX01

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

21. The return of rapper Jungkook for “2! 3!”

Jungkook rapping in 2!3! Is so sexc 😭 pic.twitter.com/tSbB82NbnN

— Jungkook (real, bangtanning)⁷ (@JeonSmhh) August 31, 2021

22. His little dance for “Mic Drop”

Mic drop 😭 pic.twitter.com/2L7KjegYfY

— ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ 𐤀. JKDAY🎂 (@8Dfzk) August 31, 2021

23. We went from celebrating the start of the fall season with “Autumn Leaves…”

Autumn leaves 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/Ge9awR0zB8

— 눈부신 꾸기🎤🎂 (@JK_Glitters) August 31, 2021

24. To remembering “Spring Day”

210901 🐰🎂

now playing: Spring Day pic.twitter.com/yrqdVt5JQe

— 별 🐰🎂 (@ttokitae) August 31, 2021

25. When he accidentally read “Marry Me” while trying to read off ARMYs’ song requests

still not over this please he was reading song requests and accidentally read “marry me” 😭 pic.twitter.com/E46w0fEJT6

— ali • 정국 Bday Bash (@karasunct) August 31, 2021

26. When Jungkook forgot about “Heartbeat”

heartbeat first listen reaction video pic.twitter.com/JFAT1tBzkO

— 슙⁷ JUNGKOOK DAY ! (@syoogas) August 31, 2021

27. This raw vocal version of “Rain” that we’ll never get over

—JUNGKOOK CANTANDO RAIN🐰🎶@BTS_twt #BTS pic.twitter.com/SksvQhNesn

— ༴Lydia;💌 | 🦕💜⁷ (@TaeGiD7) August 31, 2021

28. When he accidentally changed the lyrics to “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

jungkook trying to hold in his laugh while singing 00:00 and then saying the current time instead of 00:00 bye he’s so cute pic.twitter.com/bjxzQpV2oW

— fairy’s khadija⁷🌶 KOO BIRTH (@K00SAMU) August 31, 2021

29. The always iconic “Film Out”

FILM OUT pic.twitter.com/os413MJPPv

— 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙖🐰💛 (@comma_bts) August 31, 2021

30. The harmonization for “Sea”

jungkook perfectly harmonizing with taehyung’s verse in sea 😭 pic.twitter.com/apgO2Iv2oS

— 태꾹. (@tkchronicles) August 31, 2021

31. Jungkook truly gave his best with “Best Of Me”

I will never forget this day – Sept. 1, 2021 at 12:01 am – when Jungkook noticed my song request (I cannot recall how many times I said “BEST OF ME”, “BEST OF ME JEBAL”, and “BEST OF ME PLEASE”) …and sang it!!! 😭

Happy birthday, Kookie!!! Ty for spending your bday with us! 🥰 pic.twitter.com/PJU6b9Rs5j

— 나딘 Nadine⁷ (@mahalNADINEkita) August 31, 2021

32. His singing of “Mikrokosmos” is so beautiful


— Bizzlegukk || Happy JK Day 💜 (@Jeonxbizzle) August 31, 2021

33. When he gave Jimin a SO during “Home”

jungkook’s “jiminie Hyung” before starting to sing jimin’s part in ‘home’ 🥺 pic.twitter.com/8mdsBLmK2x

— busan baes 🎂🐰 (@stopkookminpls) August 31, 2021

34. “Love Maze”

jungkook harmonising with namjoon’s part in love maze omfg pic.twitter.com/0pDcTgrqf0

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) August 31, 2021

35. Our favorite version of “Waste It On Me”

this is the tiniest and cutest “waste it on me” i’ve ever heard pic.twitter.com/Spi3aSMU1k

— Jung Kook🌟 (@dreamjeons) August 31, 2021

36. His lockscreen

now what is this mans lockscreen pic.twitter.com/0ZBdHzM4lE

— aisha⁷ JUNGKOOK DAY (@teteflwrs) August 31, 2021

37. When he revealed his true form

#JUNGKOOK BUNNY!! BUNNY!?!?? pic.twitter.com/kgOVsypGBj

— bunkoo pics !! 🐰💜 (@bunkoofiles) August 31, 2021

38. When he showed off some of his imitations

Jungkook was imitating comedian Kim Hae Joon’s character Choi Joon singing ‘Let’s Go See The Stars’

— lyssy⁷ (@btsbaragi_jk) August 31, 2021

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