20 ARMYs Who Are THIS CLOSE To Divorcing Their Spouses For BTS

Dear spouses of the world, if you value your marriage (and your personal safety), do not come between your beloved and BTS. It won’t end well. Here are 20 ARMYs who are ready to risk it all for the boys!

1. Famous last words

My husband: What??
Me: Jimin just went live!
My husband: Oh, I thought it was something important
Me: *starts googling divorce attorneys* 😤

— Lilo ⁷ (@lilote_) August 30, 2021

2. “You’ll talk to me in front of a judge…”

nah bc if my husband tries to talk to me during the zoom call with bts i’m filling the divorce papers, you’ll talk to me in front of a judge to decide who’s taking the kids https://t.co/kkwvwnfU2d

— mar⁷ problematic era (@moonjmini) August 10, 2021

3. He has one job

My husband is going to South Korea in November for 9 months, and if he doesn’t bring me back some sweet BTS swag I swear I’ll divorce him

— Liz 🦎 cr: The Blacktongue Thief (@LiterateLizard) September 13, 2020

4. “I love my husband, but…”

i love my husband and all but if bts offered me a ring then best bet imma start talking to my lawyer and file a divorce pic.twitter.com/0EOIMb2SId

— ci⁷ (@gagmeyoongi) June 27, 2021

5. Wife or “Dynamite?”

My wife hates BTS Dynamite so much she just threatened to divorce me because I started playing it on my phone after she heard it on the radio and turned it off LMAO

— brynn🌜💫 (@GrainGay) February 27, 2021

6. Ask stupid questions, get brutally honest answers.

Today me and my husband and my kids decided to go to BTS concert my husband caught me looking at jungkook’s abs and said ” where are u looking”I said ” at those abs that u will never have” at this moment I want to divorce my husband and marry jungkook

— JoJo⁷⁰⁷ BLM loves 707🐧 (@urweebkpopstanJ) August 30, 2019

7. This absolute legend

remember when i was recording singularity at the sy tour and a lady in the background said “I’LL DIVORCE MY WIFE FOR YOU TAEHYUNG” pic.twitter.com/jpuld4MERg

— moved accts (@KlSSINGKOO) January 21, 2020

8. This flex

My biggest flex is that I’ve never made or cooked food that tastes bad. Marry me Namjoon @BTS_twt (i can file for divorce with my husband no probs) pic.twitter.com/VMGlH667Fp

🌻🌞 ᴀɴɴᴇ 🌞🌻 (@sushih0pe) December 8, 2020

9. Refund, please?

If my husband does not sing for me like that on my wedding night then I’m gonna divorce him that very night

— ~⟭⟬~⁷ (@lachimo_La_LaA) January 18, 2020

10. Dream vs Reality



11. There’s only one way to find out.

do you think my husband would divorce me if i set a 2am alarm to watch bts’ mtv unplugged

— beth 🌥 (@b__coop) February 9, 2021

12. He’s skating on thin ice…

Iv been with my husband for three years and he still doesn’t know the names of BTS…..is divorce too dramatic? 😹😳

— I 💜 u (@toinfinitaetae) March 23, 2021

13. He kicked her out of the fandom, so she kicked him out of their marriage.

I told my husband i thought the BTS meal sauces were just alright and he said “careful you’ll upset army” i said “i am army” this hoe said “not anymore”
Divorce 🙄

— 하비 호비⁷ (@HAPPIHOBl) May 28, 2021

14. This unacceptable shade

My husband just listened to UGH! for the first time and he said “I could’ve gone without J-Hopes part”

So now I’m waiting on the lawyers office to open up to see how much child support I’m gonna be getting after our divorce to buy Hobi and Mang merch with

— ⁷ (@yewnki) March 25, 2020

15. Do you want the true answer or the nice one?

My husband asked if I think he or jungkook is sexier … I think the answer is quite obvious…
Like id divorce your ass for any member of bts …

— Minji Kim (@LynnMinji) December 7, 2020

16. Goodbye!

My husband hasn’t picked out Hobi once in all the tests I’ve done on him to pick his favorite member from a group photo. I should probably just divorce him.

— Krys🌙⁷ (@BloodSweat_Tae) February 23, 2019

17. This just isn’t allowed

My husband has just said that he’d love to see @BTS_twt in concert.
Bitch, if you get a ticket and I don’t, I’m divorcing you!!!

— TaeGiNoona 🐻🐱🧈 ⟭⟬⁷ 愛琳 {OFFLINE} (@VChileanNoona) February 16, 2021

18. Get this man some divorce papers…and glasses.

“What part of him is good looking? Tell me cos i honestly dont understand you” my husband when looking at Jimin. I am officially divorcing.

— Iidis (@kitty_iidis) May 9, 2021

19. This backup plan

The way I just cried on the floor over Yoongi. My husband is going to end up divorcing my dumb ass. Oh well. I could keep my 4th finger empty baby. #bts #FourthLookAt7 pic.twitter.com/mIoInbwsAs

— 𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞🌿 (@yoongiplants) February 12, 2020

20. Dear future husband…

No offense to my future husband but I hope he knows I’ll leave him for Kim Namjoon at any moment

— Maya⁷ 🧈👅 (@bts12dance) August 3, 2021

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