Here Are 10+ Of The Funniest MOA-Edited Memes Of TXT At The Met Gala 2021 That Prove They Would Slayed

While some K-Pop idols were in attendance at the Met Gala 2021, namely CL and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, many of our favorite fashion icons and idol groups were in South Korea. So, MOA have imagined what the event would have been like if TXT had attended.

So, here are 10+ of the funniest MOA-edits of TXT at the Met Gala

1. The 4th Gen It Boy would have absolutely understood the assignment

2. All eyes would be on him

3. Soobin would steal the show

4. He would also show everyone his duality

5. Taehyun would appear classy

6. Then show some edge

Harry Styles who?

7. Beomgyu would hang out with Lady Gaga, obviously

8. As a group, TXT would be absolutely unstoppable at the Met Gala!

No one would be able to top this.

9. The theme is America?

Okay, TXT got this.

10. Altogether, it would also be chaotic…

11. Still, there’s no denying they would absolutely slay

Check out ARMY-edited memes of BTS at the Met Gala 2021 below:

Here Are 10+ Of The Funniest ARMY-Edited Memes Of BTS At The Met Gala 2021 That Prove They Would Have Fit Right In

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